Items used to test wind turbines require spikes of excellence

For a number of years, RIVAL has been a regular supplier to the demanding wind and oil and gas industries and has excellent ongoing collaboration with the engineering firm R&D.

Right now, RIVAL is busy processing some large steel plates to be used in the foundation for a nacelle test bench at the LORC Nacelle Testing project at Lindoe Offshore Renewables Centre. The test centre is being constructed at the former shipyard, now Lindoe Industripark. Here, some of the world’s most advanced facilities will be available for testing wind turbine nacelles of up to 10 MW. The test centre is expected to be ready in 2014.

Valuable supplier
RIVAL is part of the project as a sub-supplier to the engineering firm R&D. R&D is producing the nacelle test bench in collaboration with the GE consortium partner in the LORC project. “I need a business partner who can take full responsibility for the items to be produced,” says Senior Project Manager Kent Frank Pedersen from R&D. “In this regard, I have found a good match in RIVAL, who not only has solid skills in the processing of items for e.g. the offshore industry but also assumes full
project responsibility for aspects such as welding, annealing and surface treatment carried out by their sub-suppliers.”

Mutual benefit
R&D is a project management and consulting engineering firm specialising in mechanical and software solutions for the industry. R&D offers everything from the development of production of test equipment and system commissioning to employee training and straight-forward advice and consultancy services. In the case of R&D and RIVAL, this collaboration benefits both parties. R&D typically uses RIVAL as a sub-supplier in connection with offshore industry jobs, and RIVAL uses R&D’s engineering skills in connection with specialised tasks requiring development of specific machinery, software or other types of equipment. RIVAL has thus recently chosen to involve R&D in a job for the wind turbine industry, where there was a special need for R&D’s engineering skills as an excellent adjunct to RIVAL’s own skills.

Lives up to expectations
Kent Frank Pedersen has now collaborated with RIVAL for just over four years, and he is very satisfied with the collaboration.
“RIVAL lives up to all the expectations I had from the beginning,” says Kent. “The company has a good reputation for solid processing skills, especially for large items. In addition, they take full project responsibility for the individual items, which fits in really well with the kind of jobs we have.”