At RIVAL, social responsibility is not empty words but an area that has a significant impact on our daily work. This is why we actively take on responsibility, both in relation to recruiting people into the industry, training new apprentices, refugees in the local community and by providing a new option for flexible jobs.

Tomorrow’s pool of workers
We are very aware of the challenge that our industry faces, with over 300,000 machine operators leaving the industry within the next 10 years and just 100,000 machine operators joining the industry in the same period. This means we need to actively increase the pool of workers. This happens when we collaborate with local schools to stir young people’s interest in engineering, and when we take responsibility for training new apprentices. Often, we have four apprentices employed, which is a significant number in relation to our size. We know how important it is for the individual apprentice and for development in our industry when young people get off to a good start with a good education in an area they are interested in.

“Industritekniker – Talentsporet “(Industrial Technician – Talent Track) – what is it?

“Industritekniker – Talentsporet “(Industrial Technician – Talent Track) is a complete industrial technician course at a higher technical level. The course is academically and technically demanding, and is aimed at ambitious students.

The length of the course and number of semesters is the same as the standard industrial technician course, but the level is higher, and the allocation of subjects is different.

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