RIVAL carried out a customer satisfaction survey in the autumn of 2016. The results are clear. Tomorrow’s customers, who want to utilise RIVAL’s developing competencies, experience a good balance between service and price.

“I those cases where we work closely together with the customer on the development and optimisation of the components, the customers are very loyal and satisfied with the collaboration, quality and price. And especially the customer’s technical decision makers value the collaboration,” says Henrik Holvad.

This is in harmony with RIVAL’s strategic focus, and thus a great indication that the company is doing the right thing in the process, which is developing from being an operating supplier to being a partner and total supplier.

Delivery performance must improve
The survey also shows that the customers have noticed that RIVAL’s ability to deliver has fallen from a level that was just above 98%, to a level that is just below 98%. “This is obviously unsatisfactory, and we have a clear objective, which is 98%,” says Henrik Holvad. “We’re working to optimise several areas in the production and planning, which will certainly get us back to the higher level.”

Sharper profile
The survey also shows that several, more periphery customers do not have sufficient knowledge of the competencies and services that RIVAL can offer. “Therefore, from now on we will have an even sharper profile, both in our sales work and in communication. We will have a clear profile in the market at all of the relevant companies,” says Henrik Holvad.

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