RIVAL moves even faster when required

RIVAL moves even faster, when the customer requires it. This was recently the case with Grundfos, when an acute need arose to repair a tool in their die-casting.

Maintenance technician Jens Erik Lysdahl has collaborated with production technician Benny Sørensen and RIVAL for many years. “For us, RIVAL’s not just a subcontractor,” says Jens Erik Lysdahl. “They’re competent partners, and we want to continue to develop our collaboration with them. They know what’s required, for example when a tool in production breaks, and it costs many thousands of kroner in time, when a machine stands idle. The work needs to be done quickly, and there has to be close dialogue between us and RIVAL. The
people at RIVAL are good at doing both.”

Focus on the value chain
Pump manufacturer Grundfos is one of Denmark’s biggest companies, employing over 18,000 people around the world. At Grundfos, there is constant focus on optimizing the entire value chain, to make the company more and more attractive for customers. “This means that, among other things, we in the maintenance department get shorter and shorter delivery times for our services, since the production set-up may not stand idle for longer periods of time,” says Jens Erik Lysdahl. “To achieve the best solutions, both we and our partners have to be sharp every day.”

Large components
Grundfos’ collaboration with RIVAL usually relates to the machining of large components. “One of the big advantages with collaborating with RIVAL, is that they have production equipment that can machine tool components that are up to three metres, without us having to take the tool apart,” says Jens Erik Lysdahl. “It saves us a lot of time before and after the machining.” Most recently, when Grundfos had an acute need for the repair of a tool for their die-casting, it was a terrific advantage that RIVAL could receive and machine the component in one piece. “RIVAL were finished with their part of the work within 24 hours, which meant we in the maintenance department could comply with our agreement with production at Grundfos despite the unforeseen problems,” says Jens Erik Lysdahl.

Fast response
As always, Benny Sørensen of RIVAL acted quickly after Jens Erik Lysdahl had called him on the phone. “I immediately contacted our production manager Heino Pedersen, to get confirmation that we could take in the component from Grundfos as soon as it reached RIVAL. The answer was the usual one – we could of course deal with it,” says Benny Sørensen. “It’s very reassuring to know that my colleagues in production are ready to step in, and that our internal planning is so good that we can immediately see how we can make space for the customer’s urgent tasks.