Close Partnership with Grundfos

RIVAL’s competencies in processing aluminium materials, creative mind-set, honest manner and practical experience have been major factors for the development, product maturing and introduction of Grundfos’ new pump production in Serbia.

The employees of RIVAL have worked closely together with Grundfos’ technology centre for a long period of time. The work concerns development and product maturing of a new pump house, which is going to be produced in Grundfos’ factory in Serbia and sold globally, particularly in USA. RIVAL has the responsibility for educating staff in Serbia and implementing the production. “We have decided to collaborate with RIVAL about this task because the company possess certain competencies, which we don’t do ourselves at Grundfos,” says technology expert Erik Jæger Thomsen from Grundfos.

“We have built a very close partnership in which both parts have listened to and learned from each other, which has been very valuable for the result.”

Complete trust
Grundfos trusted RIVAL during the working process and has known for certain that the job would be solved. “We knew from the start that RIVAL was in possession of the competencies, which we were looking for,” says Erik Jæger Thomsen.

“Their processing experience combined with their desire to enter into a joined development project are very unique factors. The foreman Glenn Scharling, in particular, has offered alternative ways to handle things, which has been valuable for the process. Glenn says things straight, which works very well in the daily collaboration.”

Furthermore, RIVAL generally works with the same programs and measuring equipment (the Zeiss measurement machine) as they do at Grundfos, which makes it easier to transfer things between the two companies. i

Passing on knowledge and competencies
RIVAL has the full responsibility for introducing the machines, tools and programmes, which will be used in the Serbian production. During the process, the Serbs, who will be in charge of the pump production, have payed RIVAL a visit.

RIVAL’s employees have passed on knowledge to the Serbian staff. “In Serbia they are rather green in terms of this kind of production. Therefore, the knowledge transfer from employee to employee is important for their future work,” says Erik.

RIVAL’s staff participates at the actual introduction of the machines and production in Serbia. In September, the machine worker Frederik Petersen and either Glenn or sales director Christian Aarup travel to the factory outside Beograd and they stay for a couple of weeks.

Great satisfaction
“In every sense, we are very happy about the collaboration with RIVAL regarding this job. The company has been the partner and competency supplier, which we were looking for. In many ways, it has felt like, we have been a part of the same company,” says Erik. “The fact that RIVAL does not compromise on quality has been very important to us. We will definitely benefit from continuing the partnership with RIVAL in the future.”

Components with Complete Documentation to National Oilwell Varco


Close collaboration regarding the production, quality control tests and documentation are crucial elements of RIVAL’s successful multi-year partnership with National Oilwell Varco’s (NOV) Norwegian division.

During the last couple of months, RIVAL has produced top-site equipment to pipe management on oil drilling rigs, completed function and pressure tests of all components before shipment to Norway and devised complete documentation.

Close collaboration with the quality responsible
The work has been accomplished in collaboration with NOV’s quality responsible, who has paid RIVAL several visits. “NOV’s demands on quality and documentation are severe,” says production manager Søren Djursland, who has been in charge of the daily communication with NOV. “When we handle components, which are critical and costly, and which are going to be mounted onto the oil drilling rigs, there is no room for mistakes. When the components are delivered, everything must be in perfect order.”

Complete documentation
The demands on documentation are severe, for which reason every component to the oil drilling rig includes 500 pages of documentation. “Contrary to expectations, if a mistake occurs, it is crucial that the people in charge of the rig can find details on the produced component quickly,” says Søren. For that matter, Søren Djursland has devised and prepared 500 pages to each of the 10 components.

“The job has been very interesting, but demanding,” says Søren. “I have made more than one version to every component as a result of some very specific detail demands to the material from NOV, which were not fulfilled at first. However, at this moment we have lots of experience with meeting these demands, for which reason we are very suited for the following jobs.”

”Det har været et meget interessant og krævende arbejde,” siger Søren. ”Jeg har lavet mere end én version til hvert emne, da der i første omgang var nogle helt specifikke detailkrav til materialet fra NOV, som ikke var opfyldt. Vi har nu fået opbygget rigtig gode erfaringer med netop at følge disse og er klædt rigtigt godt på til de kommende opgaver.”

Onsite test
Som en del af aftalen med NOV har RIVAL også gennemført onsite test af alle emnerne inden afsendelsen til Norge. ”For at kunne gennemføre både funktions- og tryktest opbyggede vi en specifik testinstallation til netop disse emner,” siger Søren. ”Det krævede eksempelvis, at vi måtte leje en generator, da vi ikke have strøm nok på fabrikken til at kunne gennemføre testene.”

NOV’s kvalitetsansvarlige var med til alle test og kunne derefter sige ok til, at emnerne kunne sendes til Norge. ”Det giver stor tryghed for begge parter, at vi sammen har gennemført testene,” siger Søren. ”Dermed har vi også en fælles forståelse at bygge videre på.”

Klar til næste projekt
Hos RIVAL har man nu gennem flere år udviklet og udbygget samarbejdet med NOV. ”Vi har gennem årene bevist, at vi kan håndtere de ordrer, de kommer med,” siger salgschef Christian Aarup fra RIVAL. ”Det betyder også, at vi nu får lov til at byde ind på mere krævende opgaver. Vi ser frem til kommende udfordrende projekter både for dem og andre kunder i olie- og gasindustrien.”