Shared understanding behind the valuable exchange and sounding out of ideas

Machinery manufacturer Dan-Web Machinery A/S has collaborated with RIVAL for over ten years. The valuable collaboration is built on good chemistry, shared understanding and the profitable exchange and sounding out of ideas.

It is a Tuesday morning, and RIVAL employees have driven to Galten, to visit machinery manufacturer Dan-Web at its 10,000 m2 industrial facility. Dan-Web Machinery A/S develops and manufactures machinery and equipment for the manufacture of airlaid products, which are soft and absorbing nonwoven materials, which are included in products like diapers and sanitary towels. The company has over 39 years of experience and throughout its existence, it has focused extensively on innovative, quality solutions.

Excellent collaboration
I meet with two engineers, Kenn Brown Petersen and Morten Pouli-Rich from Dan-Web and project manager Benny Sørensen from RIVAL’s production engineering department. It is immediately apparent that there is good chemistry between the three men. RIVAL has now been an established partner for Dan-Web for over ten years, and there is room for small talk. However, the
talk is primarily about the actual joint project, where RIVAL is manufacturing parts for Dan-Web’s forming head, which shall be supplied on a new Forming Line to the USA.

Shared understanding
We take a walk around the production area together and the discussion becomes animated, while Kenn and Morten explain in an engaged manner about the machines and components we pass along the way. It is clearly apparent that RIVAL’s many years of collaboration with Dan-Web has meant they have built up a very good knowledge of their products, and the parties have a shared understanding of what Dan-Web wants the end result to be for their customers. “At RIVAL, it’s an important factor for us that when we provide proposals for the optimisation of the technical production of their products, that we have precisely this
thorough knowledge, and thus can bring input which is precisely spot on at Dan-Web and supports their line,” says Benny.

Valuable exchange and sounding out of ideas
The two Dan-Web designers also believe that it is a great advantage that RIVAL is very familiar with their products and company. “If we have a design or technical production challenge, and we assess that getting RIVAL’s input would be beneficial, they love to meet up, and meet up quickly to exchange and sound out ideas. We have often had visits by Glenn, Ole and Benny from RIVAL and received valuable ideas about how we can optimise a design,” says Kenn, while we look closer at several of the hammer mills being worked on in the production area. We halt next to several large rollers with a paper-like material, which is currently being beaten to single fibres in the hammer mill before being blown into the forming head and further processed for the final airlaid products.

Improvement proposal
“At the same time,” Morten adds. “We also find that without even being asked, RIVAL will come to us with proposals for improvements, if they for example in their production process, come across a design or tolerance that can be changed beneficially. We’re very open to their proposals, since we constantly work with the optimisation and improvement of our products. And because they know us so well, they know what direction we want to take the development process in.”

Thank you for today
The tour of production is about to finish, and Kenn, Morten and Benny agree, right at the end before Benny returns to RIVAL, to brief production on the details, which have been agreed on at Dan-Web Machinery A/S.