Strengthens both QA and QC

As a natural part of ongoing development, RIVAL continuously strengthens its quality practices, both within QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control). Quality management is anchored at the highest level, with production director Thomas Timmermann taking responsibility.

Production engineer Anders Steenbjerg Rou takes the helm in day-to-day operations basis and holds the overall responsibility for ensuring all systems and procedures are up-to-date and actively utilized throughout the organization. This work is done in close collaboration with Lene Kruse Jensen, who has a foot in both QA and QC, serving as a strong link.

“Effective quality management requires a strong balance between QA and QC to minimize errors and meet/exceed customer expectations,” says Thomas Timmermann. “That’s why we’ve also strengthened the staffing in the QC/measurement department, which now consists of four members. Our newest addition is our young colleague, Daniel Bjørnsholm.

In the process with customers, close dialogue about future requirements is essential. Our strong partnerships have a particularly significant impact in these processes as well.
Overall, we are well-equipped to meet the high expectations of our international customers.”