Ida Marie Andersen has proudly passed her apprenticeship test and can now call herself an industrial operator.

Flemming thrives in the span where the scholar meets the practical – and this has resulted in a valuable and useful outcome.

Orderliness, public spirit and social responsibility have been a part of our culture and the way we do business at RIVAL for many years

Our project manager Flemming Hansen is as solid as a diesel engine and does not leave a project until everything runs at 100%

… these are three important qualities for the employees at RIVAL.

“Sometimes you win – sometimes you learn” is a quote by the American author, pastor and management expert John C. Maxwell. Henrik Holvad has taken the quote to heart and worked to implement it in RIVAL’s practice, as it fits in well with the mindset at RIVAL.

He elaborates on the background here: “Every day, our employees make sure that our produced components meet with the customer’s demands. However, mistakes will happen, and we must be open to learn from them.
An “operator error” can quickly be a sleeping pad, and instead we have to get to the bottom of the actual error. Therefore, we work with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and encourage all our employees to proactively get to the bottom of the causes, so we can learn from them – and get them fixed.”

Recently, our talented employee Thomas Roland has come up with his suggestion to succeed.

• Training, education, training
• Control, control, control

“Of course, no one makes mistakes on purpose – it happens to all of us. But when it does happen, it is a real pity for RIVAL, the customers and not least the employee, who had his/her hands on it,” Thomas says and continues:
“It’s always best, when you discover a mistake yourself and have the opportunity to fix it. It requires that you take on responsibility, get involved in the customer’s project and want to learn.”

Se flere nyheder

33-year-old Ida Marie Andersen has worked at RIVAL for three years. It wasn’t in the cards that she was going to work at a machine company. However, she is happy that she ended up at RIVAL.

Ida starts her day at the Mazak FH 8800 machine, where she checks the components that have been machined overnight. Ida is responsible for moving and cleaning the finished components and then shipping them off to the costumer.
Next, she mounts the new components in the machine, which are then ready to be machined during the day. The machining goes on 24 hours a day and is a part of RIVAL’s two-sided production strategy.
Then, she meets up with the small milling group and continues on with similar tasks at two different machines, which are automatically driven.

Training to become an industrial operator
Before starting her work at RIVAL, Ida has tried out different educations and she received cash benefit, because she didn’t know, what she wanted to do.

“The local authority informed me that I had the chance to start out an internship at RIVAL for three months,” Ida says. “I said yes, and after the three months I was offered permanent employment.”
“Now, I’m in the middle of my industrial operator education, which I finish in April 2022. I’m a bit dyslexic, but it’s not an issue, even though we do have academic work, because there are several good it-tools at school, which help me. And I know, I can always ask my colleagues at RIVAL, if I need help,” she says.

A part of the team
Ida is very happy to be a part of the small milling group at RIVAL. “It is nice to be a part of something and to be responsible for something,” she says. “I’m very happy with my colleagues at RIVAL, they are all ready to help me out, if I need it. Likewise, I’m always ready to offer my help to anyone, who asks. That’s the culture here at RIVAL, which I appreciate a lot.”