Anders steps up and takes responsibility

RIVAL’s new production engineer, Anders Steenbjerg Rou, has extensive experience in areas such as automation, quality assurance, and the development and implementation of standard work instructions. He has successfully worked with these at Grundfos, Danfoss, Kamstrup, and Densply Sirona.

Anders is an essential part of the team behind the implementation of Industry 4.0 at RIVAL, and he looks back with pleasure on the first few months. “I have felt very welcome and have been given excellent opportunities to contribute with my core competencies.

There’s a positive dynamic in being curious about each other’s skills and benefiting from the collaboration. I find that there’s a significant interest in this at RIVAL,” he says. “For me, it’s a strong driving force working on how we can best develop our quality and processes by adopting an even more structured approach to production. These are crucial elements in working with Industry 4.0 and our evolution into a larger industrial company.”