Navigating towards Industry 4.0

The use of digital technology to improve and automate production processes is rapidly gaining ground – also at RIVAL. For us, precision, productivity, partnership, and integrity have been crucial parameters for success for many years. We continuously work to develop the first three – always with an eye on the last.

Therefore, Advanced Digital Manufacturing and specifically the tool VERICUT are on their way to becoming an integrated part of the work processes at RIVAL. “It’s a whole new way of thinking and working for us, but at the same time, it’s also a decisive step towards Industry 4.0,” says Production Director Thomas Timmermann.

“High quality in the startup and commissioning of new items is a central task – and at the same time, a very resource-intensive one. We can advantageously move this away from our machines, which ideally should produce finished items. With the implementation of VERICUT, we can simulate whether our CNC programming is correct and optimized before production starts – and thus also work more sustainably. The simulation must, of course, function in close collaboration with the employees’ knowledge and experience. Everything needs to be optimized for each machine and its unique characteristics.”