The road to Industry 4.0 is paved with learning, perseverance, and healthy skepticism.

Digitization is a very important element in RIVAL’s journey from a ‘machine factory’ to an ‘Industry 4.0 company.
‘It’s crucial for our competitiveness that we succeed in increasing our spindle hours – the hours when we produce items. These are the only hours our customers are willing to pay for,’ Production Director Thomas Timmermann says and continuing:
‘We are in the middle of a huge project, which we have named ‘Advanced Digital Manufacturing’ – a project where we focus on getting more spindle hours available by moving unproductive startup and ramp-up hours away from the machine and into the office. We are implementing VERICUT, a software program for simulation of CNC machining, and ZOLLER, a management system for controlling all our tools. It’s a whole new way of thinking and working for us and crucial initiatives in our journey towards Industry 4.0.’

‘In 2023, we have worked intensively to strengthen the foundation under our business with a special focus on our processes, employees, and the value-creating culture that characterizes RIVAL. In 2024, we will take the next natural step in the development of our company – a big step in the development towards Industry 4.0,’ CEO Henrik Holvad says.

New behavior and strong teamwork
‘We know that future development will require us to change behavior in several areas. For example, from ‘one man one machine’ to ‘one man several machines’ – including moving the startup and ramp-up of new items away from our machines, which ideally should only produce finished items, and increase our spindle time.

It’s new for many of our most experienced employees, whose culture is strongly rooted in their clever hands and unique craft skills, built up over many years. These are competencies we cannot do without and which we must carefully integrate into our common future while increasing digitization.
Our younger employees are ‘digitally native’ and important drivers in our development. We are proud to experience the special, valuable teamwork between generations at our workplace, recognizing and benefiting from each other’s competencies.

Great will and natural skepticism
‘Thus, there is a great will throughout the organization to take part in the development. It’s embedded in our culture,’ says Henrik Holvad. ‘As with all other changes, there is also natural skepticism and more question marks to several of the new initiatives. It’s a natural part of our development process and a valuable opportunity to discuss alternatives, draw lessons, and together come up with the best solutions. We look forward to taking the next steps on the road to becoming an Industry 4.0 company.'”