There is room for everybody

At RIVAL, the well-being and health of our employees, the environment and the (local) community has always been of great importance. Therefore, we prioritise physical and mental well-being for our employees both at work and at home by focusing on health, education, orderliness and respect for each other.

In the larger perspective, we have supported the Danish Cancer Society for more than 15 years.

All is done to support the Sustainable Development Goal no. 3, which is one of the three goals, we have actively chosen to work to support.

We are a team
Alberte is an apprentice at RIVAL, and she is super happy with her workplace. She doesn’t think about being one out of only a few girls in a male dominated working environment.

“We are all a part of the team, and we are good at helping each other. I can always ask and get help from one of my colleagues when there is something, I need to get wiser on. We have a really good culture and there is room for everybody. Whenever there is a problem, we talk openly about it and get good support from Søren (the production manager),” Alberte says.