RIVAL’s 5-axis multi-machine runs day and night. Right now, the machine produces components to a big customer in the defence industry.

The processing centre works perfectly with components, to which the precision demands are high and where there is a relation between the turning and milling surfaces. This is applicable for the components produced to the defence industry. Among the critical measurements of the components is a flatness of 0.05 mm and a drilled hole of Ø4 mm through two types of material over a length of 200 mm. Therefore, RIVAL’s Zeiss measurement machine continuously measures up spot checks to always have the right knowledge of the tolerance compliances.

Ongoing optimisation
Karsten, Glenn and Kenni make up the team of the DMC 80 FD, and they work to optimise all processes continually. “Over a longer period, Karsten has optimised all the milling work, and Kenni is now focusing on all the parts, which have to be turned,” production manager Søren Djursland says. “Kenni is relatively new here at RIVAL. He has settled in very well and we all respect his many professional competencies.”

High capacity
The 5-axis multi-machine is in great demand, and the work is carefully organised. The team produces components to the big customer in the defence industry for three weeks followed by one week of producing other components. “It is organised in this way to optimise the production, make room for all components and to ensure variety to the team that works on the machine,” Søren Djursland says. “It is a vital part of our orderliness, and both our employees and customers benefit from it.”

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