If you ask RIVAL’s production manager Søren Djursland, orderliness begins with openness. Discontent must be put out in the open in order for action to be made. It is essential that the production workers at RIVAL’s are happy to go to work.

“To me, the 80/20 rule applies,” Søren says. “80 % of the time, our employees should feel good because they thrive at RIVAL, have challenging tasks and great colleagues.”

“Therefore, we have to treat each other well and with respect – both internally and externally,” Søren continues”. “It’s okay to curse and swear a little, when things are not going well, however, it’s not okay to malign or speak ill of each other. That’s where the line is drawn.

It’s better to have things out in the open
Our employees spend most of their time awake at RIVAL – and it’s important they are happy to do so. Therefore, we say things straight if there is something that doesn’t work.

Likewise, we always pay regard to our colleagues, when they need their private lives to work. Therefore, working at night works for someone, while weekend work or daytime work is better for others. We try our best to always make a long-term plan and thereby allow our employees the best possible conditions for fitting work into their family lives. These opportunities are increased as we get more and more fixed long-term cooperative agreements with our customers.

Growing productivity
At the same time, there is no doubt that our employees take on more responsibility when they are treated nicely. It all comes down to a growing productivity, quality and delivery reliability,” Søren says.

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