Success with integration of Syrian employees

Joan Kheraldin Sleiman is the fifth Syrian refugee to be employed at RIVAL, and he is currently in the process of completing his IGU educational course. Joan becomes an essential part of the service team at RIVAL, which is in charge of packing and receiving goods from early morning to late evening.

The integration basic education (IGU) is a two-year educational course for refugees and family reunified people, who need skill development for the purpose of entering into permanent employment at the Danish labour market.

Mutual joy
RIVAL is happy with and proud of the collaboration with the Syrian employees. “We want to take on social responsibility and make a difference instead of just closing our eyes. At the same time, we get skilled and stable employees,” Søren Djursland says. And the joy is mutual. “In connection with my employment, the people in the office clapped their hands as we came out of the meeting room,” Joan Kheraldin Sleiman says. “It was a touching experience, and I was absolutely delighted with it.”