Increased digitisation and engineer power will top-tune the production at RIVAL

High quality and delivery reliability are crucial parameters for RIVAL’s demanding customers. RIVAL sets the bar high in both areas and strengthens the effort through increased digitisation and the employment of an educated production engineer.

Production planning and optimisation become more and more important in the daily work at RIVAL. “With the customers we have on board, it is crucial that we always deliver high-quality projects to the agreed delivery time,” co-owner and sales manager Christian Aarup says.

“In order to reach this goal, we have decided to hire an educated production engineer; a new key employee, who will be the driving force in the further structuring work of our processes and subsequently manage them safely at the company. This will happen in a close and unique collaboration with our skilled “craftsmen” in the production,” he says.

New skills offer new opportunities
RIVAL is thus looking in new directions to top-tune the business. “The classic model would be to hire a quality manager, but we have chosen a more proactive model by deciding to hire a skilled production engineer instead. “We need to root the serial production mindset,” Christian Aarup says. “At the same time, we are currently implementing the quality management system 1factory, which can help us avoid and learn from our deviations.”

Increased digitalisation reduces error rate
More and more components at RIVAL are produced in larger series around the clock. That gives the opportunity to collect data from the produced series and use that data in the planning of the upcoming productions. “We need to be even better at predicting the risks that may arise in the production of larger series, so we don’t suddenly face a large number of components that have gone awry,” Christian Aarup says. “Therefore, it is a good opportunity to collect data and let our skilled people, in collaboration with our new production engineer, analyse it to find possible risks. If we eliminate those, then we can plan future productions more optimally,” he says.

Proactivity is the way to go
With the new initiatives, RIVAL wants to strengthen the proactivity and achieve the most valid databased insight as possible and thus have the best conditions for tuning the production. “It is alpha and omega that we run our business as wisely as possible and do everything we can to avoid mistakes and breakdowns. Combined with the very special competencies, our employees possess, it will provide a strong starting point for the future growth,” Christian Aarup says.