Partnership is important at RIVAL

When Kirsten and Henrik Holvad entered into a partnership with Christian Aarup in the beginning of 2021, it was already on the drawing board that another partner would eventually join the RIVAL “marriage”. The goal was and is to make RIVAL as strong as possible – also in the long run.

“Christian and I believe in a partnership, in which we can learn from each other, utilize our individual strengths and work with great mutual trust. Thomas Timmermann shares that philosophy with us,” Henrik Holvad says. “We all have a great passion for the future development of RIVAL and believe in the strategy, we have made.”

Christian and Henrik have tried out the close partnership for a few years now and it has been with great success. RIVAL has never felt better. Therefore, it is now the right time to continue the positive development by inviting Thomas on board.

Maintain and create Danish jobs
For Thomas, it is a dream come true in several ways. “I love the daily life in the production and to be a part of the development work with the team. Yet, I also look forward to being at the top level of a medium-sized company and driving the development together with valued partners. Therefore, the combination is a perfect match for me.

Furthermore, I have a burning desire to maintain and create jobs locally in Denmark in the international environment. All of this is fulfilled here at RIVAL,” Thomas says. “I see huge potential in the company, and I am really looking forward to getting to know both RIVAL, colleagues, suppliers and customers even better and helping to create value and growth all around.”