A professional board at RIVAL is a must

Over the past decade, Henrik Holvad and Christian Aarup have developed RIVAL into a professional industrial company with international customers together with all of RIVAL’s skilled employees. The hallmarks are orderliness, a professional organisation, team spirit and high quality. It has attracted the most skilled employees as well as the most demanding customers from both the defence and the offshore industry.

A significant part of the development has been created on the board. “Our professional board’s most important job is to be a good sparring partner and to be a responsible part of the development of the company. The board must help setting the agenda, and we primarily spend time together looking ahead – with great respect for our culture and values at RIVAL,” Henrik Holvad says.

Good board’s work also takes place outside the boardroom
Mads Peter Lübeck has been a member of RIVAL’s board for more than five years and he has just been elected chairman after Bo Schöler resigned. Mads has his backpack full of experience from working more than 25 years as a director and many years of professional board’s work. It provides great opportunities to transfer valuable knowledge and experience to the board’s work at RIVAL.

“On the board, we must always have RIVAL’s culture, mindset and business in mind and have a trusting relationship with both the management and the employees. This is the basis for being able to help developing the company,” Mads says. “It requires continuity on the board and that we involve relevant employees in the decisions we make.”

A future with opportunities and dilemmas
RIVAL is doing well, and the company has gained a good grip on several international customers. Thus, there are great opportunities for future growth. “RIVAL plays a solid and valuable role for several demanding international customers, which offers RIVAL the ability to grow to a double size,” Mads says. “We analyse and discuss that potential from many angles. However, at RIVAL, it’s not growth at all costs, and therefore the opportunities also open up dilemmas. For example, what happens to RIVAL’s culture and unique team spirit if we grow too fast or too much? It’s exciting to see what the future holds.”