Flemming Hansen has been the project manager at RIVAL for a good year. He is experienced in the business due to his former positions as machine worker and production engineer, which are valuable factors in the collaboration with the customers.

Flemming finds it very motivating to be involved in the customer’s project from the beginning to the end. He experiences having has a lot to offer in all phases of the project due to the knowledge, he has gained from his previous positions as machine worker, production engineer and constructor.

Close collaboration equals to the best starting point
“In the beginning of many of our projects, our sales director Christian Aarup and I discuss the customer’s needs and the technical possibilities to solve them already at the bidding,” says Flemming. “Thereafter, we might involve our foreman Glenn Scharling to get his opinion on the project. That results in the best starting point of giving the customer the best bid and ensuring RIVAL a reasonable economy on the project.”

Bigger projects and serial production
Right now, Flemming is the project manager of a big project to a customer in the defence industry, whose components RIVAL is responsible for assembling and installing after processing. “These types of projects are more and more frequent in our business, for which reason we are more experienced in helping the customer all the way throughout the project,” says Flemming. “At the same time, I am responsible for a number of projects, in which we serial-produce a large number of framework agreed components. In these types of projects, good communication is essential – both in-house and with the customer – to make sure that the project outcome is delivered in agreement with the terms.”

Wide experience provides daily benefits
Throughout the years, Flemming has had his hands far down in the engine room in the production as machine worker at several machining companies. The experience, he has built in the engine rooms is very valuable in the daily collaboration with both customers and colleagues in the production. “When we look at a new drawing of a component, which we have to design for a customer, I know pretty fast, which questions to ask. I share my knowledge with the customer’s engineers and we can solve potential confusions together very fast.”

Exciting development at RIVAL
Flemming appreciates RIVAL as his workplace. “At RIVAL we are very honest with each other, for which reason no one hold grudges, even though we do not agree on everything. It is very liberating and pleasant in the daily work,” says Flemming. “A lot has happened at RIVAL in the past year, we have started collaborating with new customers in new lines of businesses, we have implemented new machines in the production and we have carried out the new two-sided production strategy. It is very exciting to be a part of this development.”

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