Production planning of 50 men’s work on 25 modern CNC-machines, 24-hours a day, doesn’t always come out.

At the beginning of 2021, RIVAL had a large order book and looked into the fact that there had been sold 25% more than the normal capacity at the time.

“In a situation like that – and in all other cases – we do everything we can to plan things in the best way possible to ensure the most optimal situation for both the employees’ family life and the company’s finances,” Henrik Holvad says. “However, we are very aware that it is not always possible to find a perfect solution. In principle, we are incredibly lucky, if the tasks, we have in the order book, fit exactly our employees’ skills and a normal working week.”

Strong corps spirit
Thus, there will be times when our employees have to accept that overtime is a necessity. In these periods, it is crucial that our employees are very flexible and think “we” before “I”.

“They know that there can be busy periods, in which they have to work extra hours. On the contrary, we have to accept, as a company, that there are not always enough assignments to fully occupy all of our employees. We are aware of this and we speak openly about it. We are all ready to “take one for the team”, which benefits us all – and not least our customers,” Henrik Holvad says.

Many thanks to our employees
“I hope that most of our customers have experienced that we have complied with our agreements – also in the first months of the year – despite the fact that we have struggled internally to make all the ends meet,” Henrik Holvad says. “Many thanks to all our employees, who have spent most of their Saturdays in both January and February at RIVAL producing components to our customers, rather than taking care of themselves and their families at home.”

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