The skills cover a wide range at RIVAL, and the company machines a large selection of components in many sizes. Including complicated, large format CNC machining of ton heavy components.

The really big components are machined with precision, in high quality and on time at RIVAL. “As a general rule, we say that we can machine components from the size of a clenched fist up to 5000x2000x1200 mm,” production manager Søren Djursland says.

It matters to the customer
The employees at RIVAL understand that all items, regardless of size and “level of difficulty”, are of great importance to the individual customer. This applies to both a ton heavy item for the wind turbine industry and to an offshore tool of only a few kilos – and whether it is serial productions or one-off productions.

“Our employees always acquaint themselves with what a component will ultimately be used for. It gives us the opportunity to offer the customer inputs on their projects, which can optimise the production and create new angles on solutions,” Søren Djursland says. “We know from experience that our customers appreciate this opportunity, and that is an important benefit of our close partnerships.”

Room for new orders
The order book at RIVAL is currently full, but in the coming months, there are room for new orders. “This applies to our large milling machines in particular,” Søren Djursland says. “Here we can machine components up to 5 meters in all levels of difficulty. We are always ready to enter into closer dialogues with our customers and talk about their specific options.”

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