Sales Manager Christian Aarup has worked in sales at RIVAL for over four years. The nature of the work changes continuously, and today it is considerably more strategic than it was in 2012.

Christian is very satisfied with being part of the RIVAL sales force. “Being able to go to the customers with something very good is extremely motivating. Every day I meet more and more people who want to enter into long-term agreements with us because they have precisely the same experience and just like us, can see the many benefits of fixed agreements,” says Christian.

More targeted work
At RIVAL, people are now much more precise about which customers the company can add the most value to. It is about the customers that require advanced components that are serially manufactured, where there is a need for RIVAL’s unique competencies and its valuable exchange and sounding out of ideas. “It means a great deal for my work, that I can target these customers more, and that I have a good success rate in getting them to talk,” says Christian.

Huge potential
“Without doubt, there’s a huge potential in what we can offer,” continues Christian. “I have some talented colleagues, who can, and have the ambition and the desire to exchange and sound out ideas with customers, and thus help to develop the customers’ components. There are a great many people who make inquiries when they find out the option exists.”

Good experience in networking
Christian also spends a great deal of time networking, since he can see that it provides good leads and valuable input in several areas. “It applies to when we’re seeking new subcontractors, partners and new customers,“ says Christian. “For example, I’m in networks like Erhverv Skanderborg, and the Danish Oil & Gas Group. I meet a lot of people there, whom we can learn from and whom we can give new knowledge to.”

Competencies before product
Today, Christian puts a lot of focus on selling RIVAL’s competencies before he starts to look at the specific products that RIVAL can help the customer to produce. “It also means that we’re increasingly becoming involved earlier on in the customer’s design process and we can come with our input and process optimisation, for example in the technical production area,” says Christian. “It’s a new way of selling a machined component developer and manufacturer, but it fits precisely with what we at RIVAL want to be known for – as the machined component developer and manufacturer of tomorrow.”

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