How long have you worked for RIVAL?
I’ve been here for 11 years. I trained at Hammel Maskinfabrik, where I worked for a year. The job involved a lot of forging, so in order to further my skills I applied to RIVAL, where I got the chance to work with CNC machines.

What has changed since you started?
When I started there were only 15 of us, so you can certainly say the number of employees has gone up. Self-managed teams have therefore been created with six or seven people in each team. That means we’re pretty much free to plan the work ourselves, and that we all have a lot of influence.

What’s it like to work for RIVAL?
There’s a lot of freedom and the work is exciting. Things run well, and the atmosphere is good. Not just amongst
ourselves – the members of the management team are good listeners and very approachable.

What are the best jobs?
Special jobs where we have to produce a part quickly. It’s challenging, and you feel you help to make a difference because you know that someone, somewhere, desperately needs the part you’re working on.

What are the effects of the expansion?
The new production facilities are more spacious – there’s not much room to work here in the old building. Now there’s more  space between the machines, which makes it far easier to handle the parts. New and larger machines will hopefully also mean that we can increase production even further.

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