Full control of the business

Along with integrity and partnerships, digitization, automation and sustainability are focal points in RIVAL’s ambitious growth plan. In close partnerships with customers and suppliers, the quality of products and the delivery performance are refined.

“In the work, a well thought out Business Intelligence (BI) is an important prerequisite. It puts us in control of both the business and the processes. When we transform raw data into meaningful insights, it provides a detailed overview and insight. With this, we increase our ability to make better and faster decisions based on data,” COO and partner Thomas Timmermann says.

“We are in full swing with the BI process, and our production engineer Flemming Christensen is in charge of the task. Power BI is implemented as a part of our internal processes and is well on its way to becoming a valuable part of the collaboration with our customers and suppliers.”

Power BI is a strong tool
The goal is to make Power BI a key tool for “the good decisions” in both internal decision-making and in external ones with customers and suppliers.
By providing easier and more transparent access to valid data, the possibility of making the right decisions based on facts, and not on what someone believes or thinks, increases.

“With a fully informed basis, we can follow trends in the production and change our behavior and decisions. This ensures a strong basis for being able to meet the agreed delivery times. And in the few cases we fail to, we can immediately inform the customers about the delays,” Thomas Timmermann says.

The first gains
“We are already experiencing the first major gains. Internally, we have reduced our order backlog significantly. Externally, it has provided even better opportunities for transparent negotiations with customers on long-term agreements that create value for both parties. In order to improve the last percentages of our delivery ability, it requires close interplay with our customers. They must be prepared to present the orders to us in good time, and based on our Power BI solution, we can document the mutual benefits of this.

The possibilities with the tool are many and the benefits are great. With Power BI implemented, we take another important step towards making each other better at RIVAL. We look forward to fully exploiting the potential and thereby create value for our customers and support RIVAL’s ambitious growth journey.”