Made in Denmark

The green transition must be prioritised now. We need action.

“We take that responsibility seriously. We deliberately choose to maintain our production in Denmark. It has several reasons. Made in Denmark provides high flexibility, quality and delivery reliability for our customers – and unlike all of those who have been chasing low prices in the East – our Made in Denmark production reduces the CO2 footprint. No long international sea carriage, only green power and controlled disposal of residual products,” partner and CEO Henrik Holvad says and continues:

“At our company, we are in the process of preparing our first green accounting with a focus on reducing our CO2 footprint. We have further CSR initiatives on the agenda and encourage our customers to purchase green aluminium from Norway.

And our initiatives have an effect. Only a year ago, several of our customers were hesitant to look in the direction of the slightly more expensive green aluminium, whereas today more are prepared to start the dialogue. Our customers appreciate that we have put it on their agenda, and we are actually quite proud of that.”

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