Courage creates special opportunities

Our goal for the coming years is to grow RIVAL significantly. We humbly allow ourselves to mention it again: In the beginning of 2023, we have something special going on.

Many customers want to do business with us, and our future opportunities in several specific industries appear to be significant. In that process, our courage, partnership and teamwork are essential elements.

Courage can open new doors
The three-legged partnership in RIVAL’s ownership and day-to-day management is a good example of CEO Henrik Holvad’s courage to break new ground in order to create valuable opportunities. On equal footing with his focus on customers in the defence industry, 100% focus on national production in Denmark and the courage to appear on the front page of the Danish Stock Exchange newspaper with a controversial message.

“With our three-legged partnership, CCO Christian Aarup, COO Thomas Timmermann and myself, we stand very strong. The three of us are very different, and together we provide special opportunities for our customers, employees and RIVAL,” Henrik Holvad says. “However, it also requires that we keep the balance and always strive to create the best solution for RIVAL’s future well-being.

The employees are the key
Our employees are beginning to feel the new opportunities and the value that the partnership brings. Our customers novice it more and more as well.

Our employees are very essential in whether we manage to succeed on our growth journey or not. They are one of the leaves in our special four-leaf clover. Therefore, we work hard to hold on to the special culture that characterizes RIVAL, involve the employees in the implementation of new initiatives and lead them the way. In that process, Christian, Thomas and I each have different roles, like we have in relation to our other partners (customers, suppliers, the industry, the local community, etc.).”

The special survives
We have learned that by continuously offering something that is special, we can create a development that leaves valuable impressions. We also note with great pleasure that it is something which both employees, customers and suppliers want more of and want to be a part of.”