The engine room thinks with the customer

The employees’ sense of responsibility and understanding of the customer’s needs is a core point of our business.
It is due to the employees that RIVAL is able to act valuable on both the national and the international market. It’s not just about professionalism and machine power. Our employees think with the customer.

“It is fantastic to experience how our employees take on responsibility and understand the customer’s business,” Thomas, Christian and Henrik say. “It causes very special and the best conditions for a valuable development together with the customers.”

Our employees are part of a special four-leaf clover
All employees have a special role in the story of RIVAL – before, now and in the future. What is special, characterizes and forms the foundation for our continued development, is created by who we are – with each of our roles and main competences.

The other leaves of the particular four-leaf clover are:

The challenger

The master in partnerships

The safe bridge