The challenger

Henrik is the master of challenging and validating the everyday life at RIVAL and enriching the culture.
CEO and partner Henrik Holvad has had this role for over 20 years, to great joy (and a few frustrations) of the employees and customers. He is a guarantor of orderliness, a strong culture and the courage to make a difference and be at the forefront.

“It’s fantastic to be on Henrik’s team,” Christian and Thomas say. “At the same time, we are in “director’s teaching”, and we are a part of an equal, valuable partnership.”

Henrik is part of a special four-leaf clover
All employees have a special role in the story of RIVAL – before, now and in the future. What is special, characterizes and forms the foundation for our continued development, is created by who we are – with each of our roles and main competences.

The other leaves of the particular four-leaf clover are:

The master in partnerships

The save bridge

The engine room thinks with the customer