The master in partnerships

Christian is not a salesman – he makes the customers buy.
Partnerships have been on top of CCO and partner Christian Aarup’s agenda for many years. If anyone, Christian has cultivated a partnership spirit with RIVAL’s customers and opened their eyes to the great value of playing with open cards on both sides of the table.

” With his great empathy and knowledge, Christian makes the customers want to work with RIVAL,” Thomas and Henrik say. “His personality gives rise to mutual trust with our employees, customers and suppliers.”

Christian is part of a special four-leaf clover
All employees have a special role in the story of RIVAL – before, now and in the future. What is special, characterizes and forms the foundation for our continued development, is created by who we are – with each of our roles and main competences.

The other leaves of the particular four-leaf clover are:

The challenger

The save bridge

The engine room thinks with the customer