The safe bridge

Thomas has both the knowledge, the will and the toolbox to create a safe bridge between the vision and everyday life.
Teamwork with the colleagues in the production is important to COO and partner Thomas Timmermann. He comes with new eyes, a great deal of knowledge and an extensive toolbox. Combined with the colleagues’ massive experience, it forms the basis for the further development of RIVAL through continuous optimization of both productivity, quality and delivery performance.

“Thomas has a special ability to make great ideas and thoughts real,” Christian and Henrik say. “It’s great to see how he works to get RIVAL’s culture and vision under his skin, and he wants to be a constructive partner for our colleagues in the production.”

Thomas is part of a special four-leaf clover
All employees have a special role in the story of RIVAL – before, now and in the future. What is special, characterizes and forms the foundation for our continued development, is created by who we are – with each of our roles and main competences.

The other leaves of the particular four-leaf clover are:

The challenger

The master in partnerships

The engine room thinks with the customer