RIVAL’s measurement machine was originally considered as a necessary evil. Today, it is indispensable to both the employees at RIVAL and to the customer’s quality crew.

The measurement machine is highly valued in the quality control of critical and costly components at RIVAL. Jørgen Baltzer and Karsten Marott Jørgensen compose the team working at the machine, and they are responsible for completing measurements as well as documentation and quality reports to the customers’ components. They both work full time to ensure as many “man-hours” as possible at the machine.

From a necessary evil to a valuable friend
Jørgen has worked at the machine since 2012, and he knows the value of the machine’s work. With great enthusiasm he has passed this knowledge on to his colleagues. “In the beginning, everyone considered the machine as a necessary evil, and they didn’t like to hand in components to be measured,” Jørgen says. “Today, this attitude has changed, and everyone recognises the value of measuring the components, they work on, because they can discover potential inaccurate tolerances in the machining process.”

Documentation packages and quality plans
Jørgen and Karsten work closely together with both their colleagues, who are responsible for the machining of the critical and costly components, and with the customer’s quality crew.

“We are very interested in getting to know, what the customer’s components will be used for, because it matters in regard to what, we will measure on the machine. With this knowledge, it is way easier for us to offer the customer improvement proposals. Therefore, both internal and external dialogues are important,” Karsten says. “We complete all the documentation, the customer wants – including material and surface certificates – along with a detailed measurement and quality plan. This is very important documentation to many of our customers,” he says.

Need of flexibility
There is a great need of flexibility at the measurement machine, which Jørgen and Karsten know and take into account in their daily work. “The main part of our work is planned ahead,” Jørgen says. “However, it does happen sometimes, that a colleague needs to measure a component here and now. We then try our best to make room for that, as we know, an expensive multitasking machine is left on pause, while he is waiting at us. And that will cost us,” he says and returns to the next measurement of a critical and costly component to a significant customer in the defence industry.

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