On a Saturday in August, 30 employees from RIVAL travelled by bus to the Danish defence in Oksbøl to look at PIRANHA 5 and EAGLE 5 vehicles, which RIVAL produces components to.

“It felt great to kick the tires of the vehicles and to go for a drive,” machine worker Karsten Hald says. “It is always meaningful to see the final products, which we produce components to. It definitely increases the understanding of and the motivation in the daily work.”

World-class knowledge sharing
A part of RIVAL’s strategy is to ensure understanding of the entire value chain and the quality standards of the final product. This is crucial for delivering top quality parts to the world’s coolest defence vehicles. “The visit at the Danish defence was a great opportunity for our company and our daily work,” sales director Christian Aarup says.

“At the same time, a trip like this is valuable for the team spirit in our company, which is a big part of our culture. So, we are very happy that Major Claus Johansen and his team wanted to spend a day with us.”

Dedicated and top motivated
After the day trip at the Danish defence, Major Claus Johansen wrote the following about us:
“I got the impression that RIVAL might be relatively new in the defence industry, however the management and employees are dedicated and top motivated. In any case, I would recommend all my colleagues in Denmark and internationally to keep an eye on RIVAL.”

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