Project manager

Sigurgeir Kirk Palsson (1962)
Married to Sus, has 4 children, 2 stepchildren, 4 sons-in-law, and 9 grandchildren.

Mobile: +45 2845 8729

Has a very broad taste, from Queen to Eminem, or Tina Dickow to Die Antwoord, and Techno, if they have something meaningful to say and/or can liven up a party.

The Bucket List, Love Actually (for Christmas), and all James Bond films.

Coca-Cola, Red Bull.

Doesn’t spend much time reading books, the last read was Tony Lindkold’s Undercover, my double life as a PET agent.

Sean Connery, Mads Mikkelsen, Ricky Gervais, and Demi Moore.

DIY projects, fitness, winter swimming, and traveling, preferably to sunny beaches.

No pets.

Holiday location:
Our holiday home in Thy all-year round, South France in the summer, and Iceland at least once a year.

TV program:
Vikings, Game of Thrones, and various reality/car shows.

Mads Steffensen and other participants in Monopolet, to offer multiple perspectives on common people’s dilemmas.

Most thrilling experience:
Participating in the Berlin Marathon with one of my daughters and later as a spectator when two of my daughters took part on inline skates.

Football team:
Familiar with the concept, but it doesn’t captivate me; I’m more into motorsports.