Concept and vision

Concept and vision

RIVAL is a subcontractor to the metal industry, founded on the concept of developing, producing and selling machined parts to professional companies in Denmark and abroad.

The vision of RIVAL is to be a profitable, growth-oriented and value-generating company, characterised by:


We want to provide competitive solutions which include traditional competences within construction and machining but also unique competences within, for instance, Supply Chain Management, thinking and acting LEAN and establishing and developing networks.

We want our customers to rate us among their best suppliers and as the very best in relation to change readiness, quality and delivery capacity.

We want to ensure our visibility within the marketplace and always produce optimum results.

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Svendborg Brakes

RIVAL has for several years had long-term framework agreements worth millions with Svendborg Brakes. It takes control of documentation and quality, which RIVAL can honor.

Grundfos, Serbia

RIVAL’s competencies in processing aluminium materials, creative mind-set, honest manner and practical experience have been major factors for the development, product maturing and introduction of Grundfos’ new pump production in Serbia.

Fuel pots for F-35

RIVAL’s two YCM machining centres operate with extreme precision, even with narrow tolerances. RIVAL’s high reliability of delivery and sound employee competencies were crucial factors that led to RIVAL being selected as the supplier of machined sub-components for the large fuel pots, which are fitted under the F-35 fighter jet.

GE Oil & Gas, Norway

Vetco Gray, which is part of the giant GE Oil & Gas increasingly demand RIVAL’s skills in machining operations.