RIVAL scores top-shelf Chief Operating Officer

It is with pride we can introduce Thomas Timmermann as our new partner and COO. That say RIVAL’s current partners CCO Christian Aarup and CEO Henrik Holvad.

“We have something special going on. Many customers want to do business with us, and it appears that the market area in e.g. the defence industry is huge for us. Our goal is that RIVAL will grow significantly within the next few years. Thomas will be responsible for creating a production setup that enables this,” Henrik Holvad says.

A strong match strengthens the potentiality
Thomas Timmermann is the new COO and partner at RIVAL. Thomas has top-shelf executive skills and a broad experience with Supply Chain and LEAN from major industrial groups such as LEGO and Siemens. He has been responsible for +1,000 employees as purchasing and production director at Siemens Wind Power, Blades, and he has spent the last 10 years working with the development and growth of medium-sized Danish companies. Thus, he is a strong match with the two other partners.

“With Thomas, we have found the right person to occupy the third spot in our partner couch,” Christian Aarup says. “We are in the process of developing RIVAL from a machine factory to an international industrial company. The hallmarks are orderliness, a professional organisation, team spirit and high quality. The development happens with great respect for the culture and values that characterise RIVAL, and which we have cherished for several decades. We experience a strong match with Thomas, who has the right attitude and the competences to make it possible for us to reach the next level together.”

The meeting with RIVAL
Thomas is in full swing at RIVAL and is very grateful for the warm welcome, his new colleagues have given him. “I have a lot to learn about RIVAL, the customers and the suppliers. To do so, the colleagues are the best help, I can get,” Thomas Timmermann says. “At the same time, I bubble with input and new ideas. I will continuously bring them into play with humility and great enthusiasm together with the team.”