Series production to the world’s leading robot supplier

RIVAL’s strong set-up with three identical DMG MORI CLX 450 TC multitasking machines with QRS robot cells forms the basis for an extremely productive collaboration with the world’s leading robot supplier.

“It is crucial to our customers, that we always deliver at the agreed time and in the quantity, they need. Therefore, we must do our best to be invulnerable, and we are so with our three identical machine set-ups,” partner and sales director Christian Aarup says.

Many industrial enterprises choose a dual-source strategy to achieve this invulnerability – with the increased resources and costs of bringing in and maintaining multiple suppliers.

“Our good customer in the robotics industry can avoid that. With our three identical multitasking machines, we have invested in a “world-class set-up”. One of the three machines produces the coolest components 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – fully automatic. The two other machines operate at a pace and with an excess capacity, which makes it possible for us to double the production capacity from hour to hour,” Christian Aarup says.

“At the same time, we can handle a possible machine breakdown or a planned maintenance on one of our three machines completely uncomplicated, as we simply continue the production on one of the other machines with a completely identical set-up.”