The latest customer satisfaction survey shows just that. RIVAL’s owner and managing director Henrik Holvad is very happy about the results of the survey, as it is RIVAL’s first job to add value to the customers’ businesses.

In the fall of 2019, RIVAL implemented a customer satisfaction survey, which was completed by all buying customers. “We have improved on the overall parameters regarding our collaboration with the individual costumer, and we are close to scoring a 6,” Henrik Holvad says. “On a scale from 1 to 7, that’s pretty good.”

The same applies to two other important parameters in the survey – those regarding the quality and the delivery performance. On those parameters, the customers are still very satisfied with RIVAL, and that is the foundation for the many valuable collaborations, RIVAL has.

Overall solutions and skilful employees
RIVAL’s strategic focus on supplying overall solutions is recognised by RIVAL’s many loyal customers, who want RIVAL to take the full responsibility all the way through the production. The customers recognise that RIVAL is good at it, and they are satisfied with the coherence between service and price.

“Our employees play an important role in this matter, as they can take on responsibility for the costumers’ components as well as enter into dialogue with the customers, when adjustments are needed,” Henrik Holvad says. “At the same time, the survey shows that there is a great trust between the customers and our employees, which is crucial for a productive collaboration.”

Lack of awareness about mass-production options
Henrik Holvad recognises that the customers are not aware of RIVAL’s skills as a mass-producer even though RIVAL has made great investments in both new machines, robots and a two-sided production strategy.

More face-to-face communication
“I think, it is the price we are paying for communicating mainly through e-mail,” Henrik Holvad says. “That’s why Christian, RIVAL’s sales director, and I are paying much attention to telling our customers about our many competencies, when we meet them in real life.”

“Therefore, we are increasing our focus on meeting with our customers face-to-face to discuss our customer satisfaction survey in order to improve,” Henrik Holvad says.

Happiness, pride and new objects
The results of the customer satisfaction survey make Henrik Holvad happy and proud. “I am convinced that our strategic focus on overall solutions, our skilful employees and our trustful relation to the customers create means a great deal to our customers,” he says. “This has been confirmed from the results of the survey. However, that doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels. We are constantly working to improve, so our customers will continue to “like” us.”

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