In January 2020, we adjust our name from A/S Maskinfabrikken RIVAL to RIVAL A/S, and we introduce our new logo.

We adjust our name, but everything else remains the same. We continue to be the same company with the same VAT number, we are the same owners, and we have the same employees.

Much more than just a machine shop
We are a modern company, and we adjust our name, because we want to signal that we are much more than just a machine shop cf. our previous name “Maskinfabrikken” RIVAL.

Through the last decade, we have continually developed our business, and today we are an international supplier of critical and costly components to demanding business.

We already refer to our company as “RIVAL”, because it is a more accessible name to both our Danish and international customers. Therefore, we adjust our formal name to fit the reality.

The history behind the name RIVAL
Back in the day, we chose the name RIVAL to our company because of the word connotes several meanings.

“A rival” is a Danish word for a precision tool in our industry and therefore a symbol of high quality. At the same time, “a rival” is a competitor, who wishes to challenge the existing framework and normality in the industry.

Therefore, the name “RIVAL” reflects our previous and ongoing role in the industry. Our customers recognise us as a company that has a unique focus on quality and an ability to think innovatively.

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