• At RIVAL we are doing something special

  • Our machining company is something out of the ordinary

    Welcome to Rival
  • The clever hands of our employees create new options for our customers

    Clever hands

Storytelling is an Important Element in the Change Process

Change requires time, ingenuity, and communication. We are very aware of this at RIVAL

RIVAL gears up on quality management

RIVAL stands strong in partnership with key customers, a sentiment clearly felt in daily dialogue and reflected in satisfaction surveys

RIVAL continues to strengthen the project management department

Welcome to our new project manager, Sigurgeir Kirk Palsson






CSR and orderliness

Orderliness is a Demand

At RIVAL, we take our responsibility seriously. This applies to the CSR as well. Orderliness is a fundamental part of our culture and a prerequisite for the way we act and do business. Therefore, we balance our environmental, social and financial responsibilities. Our social responsibility and sustainability are rooted in the management. It must be integrated throughout the business

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