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RIVAL scores top-shelf Chief Operating Officer

It is with pride we can introduce Thomas Timmermann as our new partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Partnership is important at RIVAL

It has been on the drawing board for several years that another partner would join the RIVAL "marriage" to make RIVAL as strong as possible

A professional board at RIVAL is a must

Over the past decade RIVAL has developed into a professional company with international customers. A significant part of the development has been created on the board.

Helle honours the new standards on RIVAL’s board

At RIVAL, the owners have been looking for a new board member with experience and competencies from the defence industry for a long time.






CSR and orderliness

Orderliness is a Demand

At RIVAL, we take our responsibility seriously. This applies to the CSR as well. Orderliness is a fundamental part of our culture and a prerequisite for the way we act and do business. Therefore, we balance our environmental, social and financial responsibilities. Our social responsibility and sustainability are rooted in the management. It must be integrated throughout the business

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