Lene was surprised, when RIVAL’s production manager suggested, she should work with the big milling machines. However, she picked up the gauntlet, and today she is working hard to optimise and produce complex components.

In January 2019, Lene Kruse Jensen finished her adult apprenticeship at RIVAL. Through her apprenticeship, Lene mainly spent time working with the small milling machines. “I didn’t make friends with the big milling machines, neither at school nor at RIVAL,” Lene says. “My apprenticeship was shorter than the usual one, because I’m an adult apprentice, and therefore I focused on getting comfortable with the small milling machines only.”

Proud of the opportunity
Lene was surprised, when she was about to sign her new contract at RIVAL and the production manager Søren Djursland suggested, she should work with the big milling machines instead. “However, I was proud of the opportunity, he gave me and that he believed in my skills,” Lene says.

Teamwork with experienced colleague
Today, Lene is working at the Mazak FH-6800 milling machine. In collaboration with her colleague Frederik, Lene works with the optimisation and production of valve blocks to a customer in the marine industry. She values the professional discussions with her very experienced colleague, who can help her move in the right direction, if she is confused.


Grey hair and new insights
“The work has given me grey hair many times,” Lene says. “It’s been new for me to work with 5-axis machines, and there is a lot of optimisation work on the components, we produce. We mill “holes” crisscross and in difficult angles, and we have to feel our way to test if the tools can operate in the way, we want them to. After all, it’s all about finding the best possible solution for the customer.”

I do all the fun things now
Today, Lene is very experienced in the work with the big milling machines, and therefore she makes the instructions to her night-shift colleagues. “Today, I get to do all the fun things. I appreciate, RIVAL has given me that opportunity, and I’m proud, I’ve been able to seize it.”

The right choice
The machine industry and RIVAL in particular has been the right choice for Lene, who originally was trained as a physiotherapist. “I might still be able to teach my male colleagues a few things about order and cleaning, but there are many things, I can learn from them as well – and I’m happy to do that,” Lene says with a smile.

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