Let’s aim for sustainable growth

Sustainable, economic growth in combination with decent jobs are important elements in FN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8, which is one of the three goals, we work purposefully to fulfil here at RIVAL.

It requires teamwork, if we want to succeed – both internally at RIVAL but also with our customers, suppliers and everyone else with whom we have contact, all the way to the Danish government, Beijing and COP21.

We can do a lot in our daily work, and we have to. However, right now we can only watch as prices on oil, wages and materials rise, and if we are not careful, it will reduce our competitiveness.

But what about the sustainability at those whom we potentially lose to?
It is a fact that many buyers continue to look east – but when doing so, CO2 emissions are impossible to include in the calculations, neither in relation to production nor freight. Also, Corona has shown us the value of having the suppliers close by.

At RIVAL, we continue our efforts toward sustainable growth, and we actively discuss with our customers and suppliers, how we can make small and large differences together. Should we, for instance, choose to buy “green” aluminium in Iceland instead of “black” in the Far East? The opportunities are many, if we are ready to compromise a little on the price.

Here on the website you can read more about the small and large initiatives that help supporting our efforts to have the best possible workplace. It is an essential cornerstone behind productive solutions, sustainable growth and social responsibility.