More dialogue, less commands

It is an important part of the production manager’s, Søren Djursland’s, work to help creating a unique workplace and the best conditions for the development of the individual employee. Therefore, increased human insight is on Søren’s agenda all the time.

As production manager, it is important to be good at managing the machinery and being able to utilise the opportunities in the best way possible. With a background as both a machine worker and a production technologist, Søren Djursland has lots of experience in doing so. However, it is just as important to have human insight, to make sure that the employees have a good and safe workplace and to ensure the very best interplay between the people and the machines.

Personal insight and an expanded toolbox
“In that area, I constantly work to get better,” Søren Djursland says. “My goal is to become just as good at dealing with people as Henrik Holvad. There must be more dialogue and less commands,” he says and continues: “It’s both about increasing my self-insight and strengthening the way I act in relation to other people.

Therefore, I’m currently participating in a good course with Troels Brink from Konkordia, in which I work with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), self-insight and anchor points. In the course, I get to expand my toolbox with much more of the “soft areas” within management by focusing on both senses, communication and the ways, in which we – as humans – learn from our experiences.”

Important part of the strategic development
The ongoing development and training of the employees in the production and at management level is fundamental to RIVAL. “Therefore, it is also an integrated part of both our vision, mission and CSR policy,” Henrik Holvad says. “We constantly work to get better in all areas, both when it comes to the people and the machines. It is fantastic to experience the journey, Søren is on. I have high expectations to how it’s going to affect the daily work in the production and Søren’s personal life.”