New European world-class investments

RIVAL has a strategic goal to build a world-class European machinery, and it is well on its way. Over the past year, there has been massive investments in several DMG MORI machines and robot solutions.

The two almost identical sister machines DMG MORI DMU 65 with PH cells and DMG MORI DMU 75 each have their role in RIVAL’s new, fully automatic set-up.

“We continuously invest in some of the best machines in Europe, which comply with the requirements from our customers both at home and abroad,” Henrik Holvad says. “Today, we have organised parts of the production so that we start-up and run-in items on our DMG MORI DMU 75 and subsequently run a fully automatic set-up with the production of critical and costly components on the DMG MORI DMU 65 with PH cells. In this way, we utilise the machinery in the best way possible and at the same time, we can work with our skilled employees exactly where their knowledge provides the most value.”

Creative innovation gives results
At RIVAL, it’s important to be open to new ways of doing things. This applies both in the production areas and when it comes to, for example, management (see the article about Søren Djursland). “We have to optimise our processes continuously and create results by involving our employees as much as possible, so that everything is embedded naturally in their daily work,” Henrik Holvad says. “Change has to be valuable to us all, and it is the basis of being able to be the machine factory of the future with the world’s best employees and a world-class European machinery – in which both people and machines provide their very best.”