Thanks to our customers

In the spring, we completed our seventh major customer satisfaction survey and would like to thank our customers for participating and giving us good feedback on our collaboration.
It is with great pride that we read the result. It emphasizes that our strong partnerships create value for our customers and provide high loyalty.

Productive and trustful cooperation
Our customers are generally very satisfied with the collaboration. On a scale from 1-7, we have achieved a score of 6.0. We have achieved a score of 6.22 for our performance, i.e. the product we deliver to our customers, and a great score of 6.32 when it comes to our trusting collaboration.
All areas are important parameters in the partnerships we build with our customers. The survey shows that 65% of our customers consider RIVAL as a partner today, which is a significant increasement compared to the last survey. An active partner that contributes with ideas, as well as challenges and optimizes whatever is requested.

High score on delivery performance in a difficult market
2022 was a challenging year to meet with the agreed delivery times. There are several reasons for that, most of which are related to the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, it makes us extra happy that we are experiencing an increasement in our customers’ evaluation of our ability to meet our delivery agreements. Our forward-looking goal is to improve this key parameter even further. An essential part of the solution is a further development of our Power BI, in which our data is constantly transparent.

The daily communication can be even better
A strong partnership also requires close communication with customers when, for example, changes occur in their deliveries. It is an area we are continuously working to become even better at honouring. The evaluation has increased from 5.81 in the last survey to 6.04 in this one. It is good to see that our efforts come to fruition. We continue our work to become even better.

High loyalty – it obliges
We are proud and humble that over 80% of our customers would recommend RIVAL without reservations and that we have achieved an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 61. This shows that there is great loyalty among our customers. It obliges, and we must earn that trust on a daily basis. Our ambitions are high and it’s therefore essential to get our customers’ confirmation that they value our partnership and follow us on the journey.