Machine operator Ole Andersen works with RIVAL’s new welding robot every day. He has a great overview of the robot, when he solves complex welding tasks in all types of material.

It was not in the cards, that Ole and RIVAL’s new welding robot would make a good team. Ole had never worked with robots before, and he didn’t have any intentions to do so either.

Yet, he is one of the world’s best welders today, if you ask RIVAL’s sales director Christian Aarup, and his skills are very valuable for RIVAL’s customers in the defence industry.

Self-motivation has paved the way
Ole has gained great expertise in working with the welding robot, which can do both MIG/MAG and TIG welding as well as shifting fast between different methods. “With great enthusiasm, Ole has worked focused with the task and motivated himself to dig deeper into functionality and programming,” Christian Aarup says, and he has several customers, who benefits from Ole’s competencies and the welding robot.

Pride and competency boost
Recently, Ole couldn’t hide his pride, when an important Swiss customer pointed out how important his work is. “I’m very happy about the work and the daily challenges,”

Ole says. “It has given me a great competency boost, and it is a good feeling to know, that I have built it up mainly by myself.”

Increased quality and improved working environment
Today, Ole can complete welding tasks in under 20 minutes with the new welding robot. Without the robot, those tasks would take him at least an hour to complete, and they would demand full concentration and a steady hand. “In this way, we are ensuring equally high quality and fast processing of all components,” Christian Aarup says. “At the same time, Ole gets a better working environment, in which he doesn’t have to work in a tensed position. Instead, he can monitor the robot, enjoy its welding and prepare the next components.”

Complete solutions
Today, RIVAL can solve complex welding tasks in various materials in-house with the new welding robot. “We have experienced an increased demand on components produced in a combination between CNC-processing and complex welding,” Christian Aarup says. “We can now offer that to our customers in the well-known RIVAL-quality and with high delivery reliability. At the same time, the customer is left with a complete solution including a final test, end control and mounting. We look forward to experiencing many more customers benefitting from that.”

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